Today I hatched a Pikachu

From a 2 km egg:

And yesterday afternoon I caught a Nidoqueen!

And I got a Vapoeron and a Jolteon from evolved Eevees. A lot of Eevees around here… Cool! I just evolved another Jolteon, of 1000 CP while writing this!! A 500 CP Eevee hatched from a 10km egg. I wished for a Flareon, though, to have them all 3, but what can you do…

Yesterday while training at the big yellow church gym I met the guy who kicked my Vaporeon from Fryda Gym of fryday evening. :)) I was training and training and at some point I noticed my Pokemons are being kicked out and the Gym turned blue. And I looked behind me and there he was, with his tiny dog on the leash :)) He confirmed the 1600 CP Lapras was his…

My biggest issue is running out of balls. :)) It looks like after some level you need 5-6 balls to catch a pokemon, aside from the Razberry, because the b** escape from the ball. I don’t even bother for Pidgeys, Weedles, Caterpies & Zubats if they are over 50 XP – these are the most frequent in my location – because I know I will have to waste more than 1 ball on them.

Just evolved another Pidgeot, of 900 CP.:)

Yeah, about that..

Today I caught 2 Jigglypuffs.:) I’m now at Level 12. My current biggest one has over 400 CP.. the closest gym from my house is at 1 km distance (red), the 2nd – in a different direction – at 1,5 km (blue) and the 3rd – opposite direction as the first – at about 3 km (it was yellow at the beginning, but today I noticed is red). And I’m in Yellow Team.

I found out why my AR mode was not working: because my phone doesn’t have a gyroscope. And then I checked the tablet and it had. But the android version of the tablet was lower than required. So I updated the tablet. Now I play both on phone and tablet. I like it better on tablet, is charging much faster and doesn’t get blocked so often like on the phone. But still I can hardly wait to get the new phone.

I got to middle season 4 of House. It’s still a mystery to me (pun intended :D) why I watch it, considering this year I lived over 4 months in hospital…

I had a lovely dream last night. The usual topic and character. Epic. As usual. Except, wait, at the beginning there was another character that I don’t dream about often. Interesting. I’m always in Ro in my dreams and I struggle to find ways to fly back here and to explain to everyone why I’m there and not here… Nothing about Germany, though. So I might be wrong in my prediction this time.

I lost my appetite for studying for now. I feel quite drained mentally lately… I cannot concentrate anymore… plus, this F5 has a lot of mathematic and more complex exercises… I feel like I’m studying for admission to the university. I make stupid calculus mistakes. And then suddenly my brain gets flooded by too many memories. Too much. After the working hours I throw everything, mount on bike and head to the city center, hunting Pokémons. Or take Bonnie on a leash and head to the forest, hunting Pokémons. This game is not addictive. It’s plain obsessive-compulsive.

Ein ganzer Monat

Heute Morgen bin ich mit einer unglaublichen Energie zu fotografieren aufgewacht. Ich habe meine großen alten Dslr und die Filter gesucht und die Batterie aufzuladen.

Einen ganzen Monat lang vom was, du fragst ? na ja, nicht wichtig😀

Ich träumte, ich an den “Registrar of Companies” war und wir in einer Buchhaltungpartnerschaft mit beschränkter Haftung einzutreten besprachen.

Aber der Typ aus dem Registrar sagte, ich habe nicht genug Wissen, in diese mich einzulassen und auch dass es nicht empfehlenswert ist, eine professionelle Partnerschaft mit jemandem für den ich Gefühle habe zu beginnen.

Es war lustig. Das sieht aus wie mein Gehirn die Studienmaterial werfen ist.

Gestern habe ich wieder Fahrrad fahren begonnen, habe einige Kilometer gemacht.

Ich wünsche, meine heutige Stimmung in einem Glas zu speichern und einen Löffel aus es jedes Mal, wenn ich deprimiert fühle, zu nehmen. Ich fühle mich wie am Meer bin und die Wellen und Die Brise genieße, auch wenn ich gerade im Haus vor dem Computer bin.


Today I walked freely 4 km, without discomfort! I’m still studying for F4, next week I have the exam. I almost finished season 2 of House. And I am already too tired to write more about me. For now.

I wonder how Josie is doing. And how much more Moon and Meredith have until delievering.😀

And why I had the feeling in my last dream that, if I’m standing with my face towards the wall, playing nervously with that apple, he will not see/recognise me when he will enter the building… and I will be able to carry on my investigation…

27 czk and a 5 eur bill

Long dream I had last night! I dreamed I was running :)) it’s good, I just started walking freely inside the house, I mean, without crutches, and I already run in my dreams.

Just passed over a flu or cold or whatever, that kept me one week with mushy eyes and running nose and slightly coughing. Still didn’t recover 100% of my voice, though. Not that much fun to come back sick from vacation. Some virus I might have caught in the way to Vienna.. or in the way back, since none of my family got sick also… A cold that made me cancel my trip to Prague on Tuesday. At least it was fun in Vienna, even if it was for less than 24h.

What else… yeah, last weekend, on Saturday morning Bonnie ran away. Again. But he came back all by himself, we found him outside, on the carpet, on Monday morning at 6, he was waiting all wet and scared from the heavy rain. And the new bench was all dirty from his muddy paws, he probably climbed there all night at the window, for us to let him back in.😦 Bummer, we sleep upstairs. And of course we searched for him… through all the neighborhood, shouting and whistling from the car.

Yeah, I dreamed I had to take a bus somewhere and the trip was 27 crowns, so I was preparing to hand 54 crowns to the driver for the way and return ticket, but in the meantime he grabbed the 5 euro bill I had in my wallet. So I slapped him and took my bill back and ran down from the bus. I wonder what could this mean.

And I wish to see more Firefly beatles, like the one that was flying in our room yesterday night. Lucky my boyfriend saw it and showed it to me. It was really magical, as it was flying over the bed. I tried to film it but it was glowing only in the dark and the camera was not capturing anything but black..

What else?… Yeah, I missed also the “10 years from faculty graduation reunion”.. I missed a lot this year already, that’s why I started now to study obsessively for F4 and F5. It’s quite interesting F4 now… no wonder they say there is a time for everything. I need to feel I’m doing something useful with my time, outside of Junos and Venuses and Houses, at least until I will be able to run again. A, yeah, I started re-watching House, right from episode 1.😀

Another broken toy

Someone once told me, some months ago (ok, wrote me, on facebook chat) “how can you miss someone you haven’t seen in 10 years?”. I replied “I don’t know, I haven’t experienced that so far.”, while thinking to myself “well, I managed to see you again after, how much was it? 8, 9 years?” And I couldn’t forget about you, all this time, because my dreams would not let me… And when I finally got to talk to you again, (on the phone, for the first time ever, actually), you asked me, pretending to be intrigued “why so much attention lately, you want to marry me or something?” Bold move. You were sarcastic, I know. But not about you I want to write here. (Still, I wonder what inspired you to say that.)

But about this Juno conjunct my Ascendant+Venus+Saturn, that came into my life when I was quite depressed and lifted my mood up into a tornado of facebook likes and just when I started to warm up and give also my platonic “packu”, he started to gain distance… and eventually shut a concrete door after him.

Oh, these Venus in Scorpio, such characters… they know they are twisted, they even open up to you to show you their twistedness and offer you the “rules” to continue playing by from now on, but secretly in their mind they hope you break them. A, sorry, maybe that’s just me.

But it’s fun actually, because, from some years now, I was really curious to see if I will ever get to meet another “Juno over my Ascendant”, and I noticed this Juno just when I was facing backwards to the concrete door, holding the broken toy, upside down, ready to throw it into the garbage bin.

Which reminds me: sometimes in the fear of getting involved into something too intense (self-protecting mode) we tend to not see that we actually won the game. Sometimes we need just a little bit more confidence into ourselves, to see where we missed the opportunity, where were the areas not fully explored, that would separate us for an undetermined number of years from our passion.

Sometimes I wish I’d had also Sun in Scorpio, to lower the number of people that are initially attracted by my Ascendant sign but later on repulsed by my Sun sign. It’s the Jupiter conjunct to it that exaggerates everything. Or Neptune. I’m confused.

Patience… my friends, patience!

You know, it’s a very complex thing this “patience” thing. I never understood what it means to be patient until I had to stay 10 weeks in the hospital only on my back in bed. And even after that, 21 weeks now from the accident, I’m still walking with crutches, even if sometimes I feel like running. I started dreaming that I’m running or dancing… I had the idea one month ago to complete a 10k run next year in spring, which means being able to run 10,5 km in less than 1h and 30 min, considering that my best, before the accident, was 10km in 1h and 35 min (mostly very fast walk, but also with Simon).

I remember my first 5k, at the gym, 3 years ago, it took me 48 min… And that was an experience, a true milestone! Where I learned that even if you cannot move anymore, because “your spleen hurts” , it’s very important to keep walking, to never stop, not even for 1 second, until achieving 5k. And then after 500 m of brisk walking you do feel the boost to run again. And then walk again. And then run again. Last year, my highest best was 5k in 39 min!:)

Ok, so this patience thing… how I see it now: is the ability to understand and to acknowledge that everything is temporary. The ability to learn to enjoy as much as possible from the present circumstances, even if most of them are out of your comfort zone. Because, what you are now, you will not be also after 1 hour, after 1 day, after 1 month. I noticed and I was very surprised by the body’s capacity to heal itself.

I remember, some days after the accident I was not able to bend my left leg and bring my knee to my chest without dragging it with the hands. Even after 1 month, I was feeling numbness in the lower part of my left leg and I was not able to access most of the muscles from knee up… 3 months after I noticed I was not able to bring back my left leg from lateral, without bending it or dragging it with the hands. But after 6 weeks of rehabilitation, with electro therapy and individual therapy, I managed. I can now even lift it up in the back, from sitting on my belly.

I remember when I had to stand up again, on my feet, after 11 weeks: the first time, I got dizzy and my legs melted after just 20 seconds. Or when I had to finally sit on my but, after 10 weeks: first few days I couldn’t even support my head properly, it felt I was drunk all the time :))

All these stages of inability freaked me out every time when I noticed them. But later on I realized that things heal up, muscles increase, overall tonus increases and progress is visible. I can hardly wait now to be released to train properly and to be able to participate to that 10k run next spring. In Bucharest. I wonder, medically, would I be able? Considering even before, I was not able to run for more that 500 m without loosing my breath? I remember I asked my doctor last year in november about that. He said it’s because of lack of training, but he recommends I should just walk, without running, at first, as fast as I can, for longer distances, keep constant rhythm. That’s why I did 100 km in 12 days in December. But I had also Bonnie with me each time, so the times I got might not be relevant.

Yesterday my brother did almost one round of Olesna, 4 km, in 27 min, just for fun, using my runkeeper tracking profile. He didn’t miss the chance to brag in front of me, comparing it with the stats from my previous activities… don’t worry, bro, I promise you, ONE DAY I will be able to do that too!

Josie and Jason – talk about love

– Daddy, what is love?

– Well, my dear Josephine… Love is… here is an example, so you’ll understand it at your age level: love is when you see one of your kindergarden mates with unfastened shoe laces and you get under the table.  And he will expect you will tie them to the table leg or something, to prank him, but you got there just to tie them properly back together.
Imagine the expression of his face when he will see you actually helped him.

Or when you make someone an exceptional surprise by buying him a plane ticket to experience travelling just by himself to a new country/city, just on an impulse, without thinking too much about it, because you knew how self-rewarding that is to travel and to explore alone the new places and yourself in a new place… and you really wished that for him to experience, out of pure unconditional care. But him, he freaks out from too much freedom and he tries to convince himself that he was the one that didn’t want to invite you, in the first place.

– What? Dad, you lost me here.

– I’m sorry honey, I got side-tracked by memories…😀


The Healing Moon – Chapter VI

“The Resurrection”

Action in Bucharest, March 30th, 2018😀

Why did you do it?
Because I couldn’t imagine what I would find in there.


The thing is, Josie was feeling more and more depressed, she was sleeping all day and sometimes at nights she was having nightmares. Completely lost her appetite. She started ignoring even Ruffus. So at that date (March 30th, 2018) what she actually did was to throw herself into the lake… hoping to see her mom in there. Lucky her dad jumped after her fast enough, she only swallowed some water.

Moon was also standing on the shore, chatting with Meredith.

I had to resurrect her character. Otherwise Josie would have successfully killed herself, in her second attempt, 3 years later.

Moreover, both Moon and Meredith are pregnant now!!

We don’t know who is the father of Meredith’s baby, but we assume it’s one of her old classmates that she saw again at “the 10 years from graduation reunion” and they grew fond of each other, even if during university they didn’t even notice the other exists. His name was Bogdan or Emil or something.. not very sure of the name, but we know he is of jewish roots.