About these movies…

I’ve somewhat accidentally stumbled upon this movie, while reading some stuff about Natalie Portman. “Natalie and Scarlett, in the same movie, that should be interesting!”, I told myself. Although, as a woman, I should say that my favorite character is the King.

Since I started to download the movie I was thinking to write a new article on my blog with this title, as I thought it to be interesting, but as the movie starts to play this does not seem to be something I would wish to be associated with, I mean, with Anne, the other Boleyn Girl.

That was a hard drama movie and something to make me think about my plans and the way I want to make them real. This girl, Anne, manipulated by her family, just like her little sister Mary, starts by seducing the king, playing hard to get, in order to convince him to get ride of his queen and marry her. And that because they had to provide the England’s throne with a male inheritor!

By the end she is convicted by dead penalty, charged with adultery and incest, because in her madness to cover the miscarriage of a baby boy, she’s seen in the preliminary stages of sexual intercourse with her brother… And all this, after the part when her sister Mary, which was already married and living peacefully at the camp side with her husband, lives as the mistress of the king and gives birth to a baby boy that he cannot recognize officially, while still married with a queen that cannot carry anymore.

Yeah, and in the end the throne is given to the first child he had with Anne, which was a baby girl named Elisabeth. And this reminded me of another kingdom-like drama-movie, called “Anna and the King of Siam”.

“Anna and the King of Siam”, with my favorite actress, Jodie Foster, produced a lot of revelations in my mind, due to the story that I wrote the same year as this movie was released, called “Anna and Leo”. So, another story about Leos and Kings!

A Leo and a King… astrology says that this is basically the same thing. And this is how I end up seeing the movie above, wanting to learn how to behave and how to make myself respected like a queen, while I was trying to catch my own Leo. Different variations of Mars in Leo, to be honest, but it’s true what they say, they’re not very difficult to be caught, with the proper fire at heart, the challenge stays in keeping them interested in you for a long run.

And although my favorite King is Russel Crowe from “The Gladiator”, and more recently, from “Robin Hood”, while stepping into the real world, or… into the world of magic in the real world, I have started to become very scared about the means I am using to catch my own Leo. Or my Aquarius… or my Virgo…

Only to support the wrong idea from the first movie, that led to the execution of two brothers of the Boleyn Family, that the “the means are justified by the results”, I’ll bring into this blog-post another movie: Charmed.

A series actually, that I’m currently watching all over again, with interesting insights about moral values in the use of magic, made me realize the exact same thing: that I’m scared about using something that I have little knowledge of. So, in the chapter of today, Pheobe was sent ten years into the future to change it, because she was to be convicted to death by incineration, just like a witch, because she was using her magical powers for her own egotistical reasons and she ended up killing a mortal for revenge.

And, to be even more honest, taking into consideration that I was born a Sagittarius and they say that these talk a lot about things they have little or no idea at all about, I state here and now that I have no other knowledge of magic, other than astrology, numerology and some Reiki initiations I’ve attended some years ago, that I don’t even use. But the most important thing that I believe I have is the power to bring into consciousness all the daily attacks that I’m receiving, before they end up consuming my mind.

This is exactly what happened to me some days ago, when some girl told me that I’m losing my dignity trying to catch a guy. And because I didn’t want to believe her, or plain said, I didn’t want to understand her, during my last cold I’ve developed some strange irritation to my nose and somehow, each time I was accidentally touching it with things, which somehow seemed to be happening a lot more frequent than normally, because it was hurting, made me realize that there is some magical potential into this to discover.

And by searching by the Romanian meaning of “hurting someone’s nose”, I understood that I’m only persecuting myself with no real motives. I’m not the Queen of England, less one of the Charmed ones, and the guy I was after is much less a King (celebrating his birthday without me because he loathes drama!!). And this is why I’ve decided to point my arrows onto a Scorpio :)) At least they understand my passion for this type of knowledge. Or, I hope! 😀

PS: God, writing in English is consuming… killed 3 hours by putting this together.

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