Step aside! The „Earth-beings” have priority!

I don’t like Earth anymore with its stupid attraction laws, so, please SEND me back home… you have a way now, through that „30 years young” black hole discovered „in our cosmic backyard”: Only 50 million light-years away from Earth!!!

How much power do you think A mortal’s WISH has? Could it have enough power to determine other people to actually make mistakes in your favor? Could it screw with databases and create viruses? Anyway, what is happening HERE these days seems way beyond the limit of normality…

How often do people receive a phone call from a recruitment agency starting with: „We’ve called you to discuss this offer, you start working on Monday!”. As in, on the 22nd of the 11th. And my first thought was: „Hold on… it seems I’ve missed some episodes… Rewind!”

Ok. So, after losing two times a love-competition against „myself – as the first name” (which is actually the middle name, but this is the one I normally use), now I’ve lost a job competition against „myself – as the first name AND the last name”!

Correlated with a girl who, a couple of days ago, asked me if I’m that „Stefania Arsene” that she’s looking for, which was married and then divorced, which I’m not (I guess!?), makes this a type of First Degree Life Event with a probability of less than… I don’t know, you do the math!… impossible.

Yeah, I’m writing for Joshua Jackson, I’m madly in love with him. By any chance, don’t you have some spare CHANGE for my flight-ticket to Vancouver? Who knows, maybe I’ll get a “one frame part” in the 4th Season! After all, everybody makes mistakes.

Especially now, since I’m “the proud owner of a brand new BMW 2010 X6 35iM (2010 Modern) car and a cheque of £750,000.00GBP (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British pounds) in your name.”

This type of coincidences makes me think that something is screwing badly with MY DESTINY. Or at least with my emotions… I have hopes and wishes too, I wait for answers, I need money… I hate losing… but most of all, I hate losing against „myself”! So, please, allow me, this time, to keep the last piece of dignity I have left.

I’m a human being too, you know?! Or, maybe I’m a shape-shifter, full of Mercury. Although, a life-time ago, when I checked, my blood was still red :D.Yeah, just as we say: „God and it’s infinite Garden of Heaven”. This is kind of true if you think at our galaxy as the house and this open universe space surrounding it as the garden…

The Conclusion: The Earth doesn’t need me to work. And why would I do that, since it already has the whole Galaxy at its disposal to search for energy?!! But, which is even funnier, you will dismiss this hypothesis because it seems to be TOO crazy, only to discover a couple of days after that I was actually right.

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