Me and the jobs in the Cosmetics Kingdom

No particular reason for writing this story, except there were some times in my life, that I’m proud to remember.

The first one was a time of genuine happiness, which starts in the spring of 2001.

In a girls magazine I found this announcement, promoting Avon, asking if you want to become a representative. It was a moment of incredible excitement, when I decided to actually fill in the form and send it back by post. I thought it will bring along incredible new opportunities and it will make me beautiful, rich and famous. I was 17, what more could you expect from a girl that age? 😀

After a week or two of waiting for an answer I forgot about it and came back to my genuine boy-crushes. Until this evening, about two months after, when my mom rushed into my room telling me there’s Avon on the phone and wants to speak with me. Imagine my heart beating faster, when a nice womanly voice asked me to come for an interview and a cosmetics presentation.

I was absolutely fascinated. Every little tube and jar and colored box and powder and cream and gel, made my mind sparkle! I remember that first month, it was the 6th campaign of 2001, it was a time when the catalogues didn’t even had the prices printed in, they were coming on a different flyer. It was the campaign when they’ve launched the „Strawberries&Cream” Bath Foam, which smelled so good that you wanted to eat it. It was the campaign when they’ve launched the Pur Blanca Perfume Eau de Toilette, that I loved and I still own a bottle. It was a time when they’ve re-launched the Perfect Wear line of lipsticks and eye shadows. It was a time…

Avon was my first job, which I started with my mom’s ID because I wasn’t old enough of age, to sign contracts. It was a fantasy at the beginning and each time my boxes were arriving home, even if, at first, I had to go and pick them up from my Coordinator, it felt as if “my babies are coming home from the kindergarden” :D. My Avon Coordinator was an amazing woman who inspired me and made me want to develop my people skills. She was so patient and caring and you could see how much she loved what she was doing.

Things were nice, even after I came to Bucharest and I had to wait for some incredible long lines to pick up my “babies”, at the main Avon Office, in the Lahovari Square. I was still managing to make at least one order each campaign, until I went to Spain. And when I came back, Avon was still waiting for me. I can only thank my Coordinator for keeping my account open. I think I really stopped doing it in the spring of 2006, when I got a real job, but I was still missing my Avon boxes.

You know, girls don’t go into Avon for the money… they go to learn how to work with people and how to use cosmetics. They go to learn how to be self motivated and how to be responsible with money which aren’t yours. In all these years I don’t remember buying something else from my earnings except cosmetics. So I guess their marketing and management system was very good, since the discounts were used to buy even more things from them.

Avon actually inspired me to follow this Masters in multimedia production, due to their photoshoped pictures and amazing colours of their broshures and catalogues.

I also remember, in College, in the winter of 2003, when I went to an Amway presentation, but that was a whole new different thing and although I’ve spent weeks studying their products on the website I didn’t actually want to get in. It seemed a very serious thing and needed some serious investments.

And then, some years have passed and I’m back into the Cosmetics Kingdom with BellaPierre. In the winter of 2008, a 6 months self-employed working contract in the UK and the promises of living in a house with other Romanian girls, was very appealing.

Except, when I realized how much power a nice look and a smiling word, in marketing & sales, could have over a person’s psyche and over their decisional center, it started to freak me out. I think they hate me there, for leaving that soon, or perhaps I’m just too hard on myself, for not being able to endure it longer. The thing was, I was attracted to this world and I wanted to do something else to test my limits. Or, I was just running away from something I couldn’t have back home. There were, though, two very intense weeks, in which I’ve spent about 800 GBP (counting in also the airplane tickets), but I just cannot regret.

Things in life always have a connection even if it’s not visible from the first time you see them.

And after all these experiences, I guess Health is the most important thing one should wish for, cause if you have that, everything else can be achieved. Even Love. and Science Fiction 🙂

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