Energy for the big creative change to come

I didn’t really want to write on my blog today also, since I have the feeling that I’m producing something useless, since no one seems to be reading it, but I got used to it and stopping makes me feel weird. I’m curious to see if my brain works also on an empty stomach.

I just came back from the dentist and since I cannot eat for 2 hours, I will write something to inspire me for the weeks to come. Which makes me think: somehow my mind makes a connection between creating and eating, since writing my thoughts gives me the same emotional fulfillment as eating. I should study more about this… perhaps it has to do with the Moon.

Anyway, accessing the core of my feelings and writing everything down as crazy as may sound, helped me lose about 25 pounds in the past months. But I’m even more ambitious, I want to reach a total body weight of 140 pounds, which at a 5’8” height should be pretty cool.

Now, from a different point of view, since Venus and Jupiter just started their normal motion, I should experience even more fortunate changes that will make me happy and fulfilled. Can’t wait for Uranus to start its normal path, straight on my 5th house cusp! Btw, isn’t it funny to feel fulfilled only by studying the planets moving and experiencing their energy? And since they will never stop, it gives one a sense of a higher meaning and a hope that everything goes just the way it should be.

By the way, now I think I’m dependent with drinking coffee: half cup hot coffee and half cup cold milk, without sugar. Anyone?

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