Magic for the 12th of the 12th

There isn’t much I would like to write today but I do want to write about something… something that I don’t know yet how to define it, but perhaps these days I’ll find an answer.

For some reasons I find this day magical.

First of all, because I was ice-skating and it was sunny and everyone was very joyful and having fun. Even if I was alone, being there on the ice surrounded by all those people made me feel happy and that gave me a feeling of “you’ll never be alone again”.

I’m a little sad though, that I couldn’t take some pictures to nurture also my narcissistic side, but maybe I’ll have this opportunity on a different occasion.

And second of all, I have this feeling that today I’ve won something very important, but I don’t know yet what.

And that’s about it. Let the fun continue in our joyful hearts!

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