The Hanged Man (R)

I bought my first tarot deck in 2008, in July, when I entered into a library with the purpose of finding the books from the bibliography list for the admission test to the Faculty of Psychology (?!), and that was just because it had the price of 33 lei, on the occult stuff shelf.

I had no idea how to use it or how to read the cards, but I found this deck very appealing. Another thing I liked about it is that it’s somewhat Harry Pottery and the cards appear innocent and playful and the scarabeo sign just reminded me of something that I still don’t seem to be able to fully grasp. So, my Witchy Tarot deck is more of a deck for children!

Although I seldom use them, by now I’ve already lost two cards: the 3 of Coins and The World (XXI). Maybe there is something to meditate about them too and a hidden meaning to discover!

Anyway, I usually do the Celtic cross but seldom, almost never, I stay to meditate about it and to understand each of the cards in the drawing… most of the times I only choose one, one that I seem to be attracted to on that moment and then browse on the internet for the meaning.

What’s interesting about this deck is that the names of the minor arcana are a bit weird and it took me a while (almost two years) to find the usual correspondents for each, on the internet… And although I seem to recognize the Major Arcana by their numbers, I don’t know much about their meanings and by reading from the internet from different sites and different meanings I seem to be able to understand where I’m headed…

Although (although, again :D, next time I’ll be using nevertheless :D) there is an incredible amount of blur in all this and I guess that not even after tens of years of practicing it and observing the real facts, one will be able to master it. And now I seem unable to get rid of this card that keeps popping in: The Hanged Man (XII) in the reversed position. Anyone?!

Later (muuch later, like almost 5 years later) edit: It looks at that point I was facing my Nodes Inverse Return. Which makes so much sense, both of what I was feeling/intuiting back then and how much my life has changed in the course of just one year from that.

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