For as much as your pearls are concerned…

„When you need a place to run to, for better or worse, I got you!”

Yet another post about you. I mean, about me, but seeing it through your eyes.

The ability to see synchronicity events is a blessing or a curse? I mean, there are those moments when you genuinely like someone and you feel connected to that person and you just send the wish of a gesture that may improve that person’s life. And in that exact moment you see them doing it.

And before taking the whole credit for your abilities to send positive energy you don’t stop to wonder what if… just like that pigeon that always asks itself what was it that it did good to receive its normal ratio of food. What if, I wasn’t the sender, but the receiver? What if, your thoughts reached mine just before taking form? What if, your magnetic, mesmerizing abilities were the ones that made me wake up for a moment, transcend my ordinary world and pay complete attention to you?

Yet, I don’t want to give you the whole credit either. Especially when we’re talking about the speed and the direction of a thought, which is something so intangible and unquantifiable…

We could say that we love each other. With the most pure form of love that exists… a dreamy love. But this happens only for those little moments, those blissful moments, left untouched by mortal wishes… each time the ego enters into the play the magic is dissipated… and you’re left alone on the shore, full of sand and algae from that beautiful wave…

And what do you do next? You stand yourself up going towards the water to dive in and wash off those reminisces or you remain peaceful on that exact place for another wave to crash just upon you? You will eventually have to face the sand and the algae you’ve received… you may sometimes receive a shell or a little fish. You may even start to wish for a pearl…

How do you create pearls from love? Why is it that precious metals and precious stones and crystals are associated with love?

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