From the Make a Wish Foundation

How many things are we doing every day thinking they’re good, just to find out later that they weren’t?

From one side, discovering those things that we did wrong should make us happy, since this means we’re on the road of self-improvement… but on the other side, we can’t stop feeling a bit disappointed about it. I mean, when we discover that little mistake on our own it’s something good, it’s like our little secret, but when we feel so peaceful, at home, in the realm of the fairy tales, and someone points an error into our face, that castle upon the clouds is starting to collapse, bringing down with it all that’s left of our self-esteem.

What is perfection? Why is it that we don’t get born into this world already taught?

Since we live to make choices and to learn from them and, inevitably, to make mistakes, where is this limit of achievements versus expectations, when we feel just perfect? Perfect for ourselves, perfect for the rest of the world… even, perfect for you.

Some months ago I was thinking differently. Respectively, a year ago, my thinking process was spinning different wheels into my mind. I believed that, only by having the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Higher Creation Plan, which made me understand the meaning of Time, my wishes should come true out of the blue.

I was thinking that, now, since the time is accelerating, my mind and the process of making a wish should accelerate too. I was thinking that my metabolism and my bodily functions should accelerate too… And this is when The Time started to become angry with me and it stopped!

27 years he spent by my side showing me how much it’s working each day just to make all my wishes come true and I don’t even know how to appreciate it. And that reminds me of a wise joke I found some years ago, that I will try to reproduce:

A woman registered into a monastery and the Priest-in-Chief (or something) told her that she will be allowed to speak only once at 5 years. After the first 5 years, she comes and says: “The bed is too hard”. And she receives a softer bed. After the next 5 years she comes and says: “The food is too cold”. And she receives warmer meals. After another 5 years she comes again and says: “I don’t like it here. I’m leaving.” And the Chief said: “Of course you’re leaving, the only thing you’ve done here was bitching about it!”

Now I see that no matter how much we stress ourselves doing plans, no matter how intensively we wish for something, we’ll always have to give some credit to The Time. Especially I, since I consider myself an intimate friend of it. Now, my Time is showing me that it works a lot smoother and with a higher productivity rate if I’m relaxed and I trust it to do half of the job for me. 😉

That’s funny… now as I’m reading this post again, from the beginning, I have the feeling that it has this sexual connotation, that surely wasn’t intended. Oops! 😀

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