Nu am nici cea mai mica inspiratie despre ce sa scriu azi, mai ales ca (in ultimele zile) am tot ridicat nivelul posturilor, in incercarea de a ma agata de ceva.

Pana pot confirma sau infirma acest “agatamant“, avand in vedere ca Germana inca se mai coace, reproduc doua povestioare pe care le-am gasit prin blogurile vechi, pentru ca mi se pare ca eram mai desteapta pe vremea lor 😀

Te voy buscando en la nieve, caminando por tus rastros inconfundibles. Estas detrás del mundo, pero en el mismo tiempo estás aquí. Vives en los dos sitios en el mismo tiempo.

Te encuentro. Estamos abrazados y empezamos volar hasta al cielo. Pero también necesito recordarme como es volar sola. Volando por el universo, encontrando caminos obscuros, encontrando rastros de almas perdidas.

He encontrado en ti rastros de todos mis fracazos. Me rindo, no tengo más fuerza para luchar. Me dejo guiar por tu alma. Se va el mundo, pero tu te quedas aqui conmigo.

Me das esperanzas, me das ternura, me das amor. Pero no me dejes caer más, por favor. Al final, tu eres mi angel de la guarda. (Testimonial del amor – 3 feb 2009)

We were first flying in a car, somewhere to catch the other side of the unfinished bridge, but we didn’t. The car was going up and up and struggling to rise into the air, trying to catch that road, so that we can continue our journey… but somewhere on the way, somehow we just turned left, along the valley… and there were little houses and little patches of ground divided by fences…

And then, we were standing on a climb, very high, and I knew I will have to jump down… even if the ground was not visible… and there was somebody there with me guiding my flight… and when I’ve started falling it was smoothly, it wasn’t a dizzying fall, it wasn’t like when you are falling from a cliff into the emptiness… this fall had a purpose.

And during this fall, he catched me and he bent down towards me and said: “girl, why aren’t you opening your parachute?” and that was illuminating… and I’ve placed my finger into that little hook and pulled down, while grabbing tightly on the strings, cause I thought that once it will be opened, I will be forced up, and I will be loosing him. But I didn’t. And now, we were both landing smoothly along, swinging into the air.

And I’ve reached the ground, landing safely on my feet, while saying goodbye… he went towards the stairs of a building in my childhood backyard… and I knew I’ll be having to let him go.

This is a lot more than a fairytale… is so vivid and poetic and meaningful… and… why aren’t you here with me now? (La capatul podului – 15 dec 2009)

Ma gandesc ca poate se potrivesc si in contextul zilei de azi… in sensul de everlasting dreams.

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