Mrs Sane

From The Healing Moon series, this is Chapter 3 – part II

– Good afternoon.

– Good afternoon, how may I help you?

– I’m Miss Delight, I would like to see Mr. Jason Sane if he’s available… it’s something urgent.

– I’m sorry but he is in a meeting now. Would you like to wait here until he finishes?

– No, but please ask him to call me as soon as possible. He has my number.


– Moon, what’s up? I heard you came to my office??!! How did you get in the building?

– I told them I’m your wife and they let me in 😀

– Moon, don’t you ever do that again! Don’t joke with that…  the fact that we are living together doesn’t mean that we are married, ok? I told you this like a million times… but tell me, what’s the rush?

– Well, come home, give me a kiss and then I’ll tell you…

– Moon, you’re driving me crazy. Tell me now…

– Well… I got the job!

– Congratulations! Which job? The one you were preparing for last week? The one in Spanish?

– Yes! And guess what? It’s here… in the same building with you.

– This cannot be possible! I mean, it can, you’re smart and ambitious, but I couldn’t handle you all day at the office and then also at home…

– What?? Why? It’s not like I’m going to ask you to make love with me at the office!


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