Concentrate and ask again

It’s the name of the last episode of Fringe, I saw last night.

It starts with a manager that receives a Magic 8 Ball for his birthday. After his colleagues sang him “happy birthday”, as his birthday wish he said “i wish to never hear you again singing”. Then, he enters his office and receives a package with this weird doll made of traps, somewhat like a voodoo doll. He pulls the string on its back and the doll starts spreading this toxic powder that destroys each and every piece of bone in his body turning him into a dead gelatin…

Before that, I had this strange urge to declare that I’m going to start preparing myself, again, for the admission to the Faculty of Arts to learn acting. Maybe this year I’ll have more chances and fewer distractions. And now I do have some months ahead to start gathering the money.

Anyway, I still wasn’t convinced enough that this is what I want and I wanted to ask a professional what is it that motivates one to become an actor and to be better and better… and I got the answer “living a life less ordinary”.

But that didn’t satisfy me, since my life is already a lot less ordinary than it probably should’ve been… so with the help of my faithful friend google I found this song:

After hearing it the first time it had no meaning… hearing listening it again after that chapter of Fringe it did have a meaning 😀 I still don’t know which night… (btw, my brother has Scorpio Juno too, conjunct my Ascendant)

And yeah, to catch the criminal in that chapter they asked for help a guy that could read minds. At the beginning, Olivia was very stressed to find out if Peter loves her or still loves the Olivia from the other universe but she never had the courage to ask him that. Still, the mind reading guy gave her a note in the end where it was written “he still has feelings for her”. Hence now, where it was “her” and why it was “her” and not “she”. As in, «and who is her», as in me from your universe.

But now I still wonder, why is it that a Magic 8 Ball has 10 positive answers, 5 uncommitted answers and 5 negative answers? Is this the correct proportion in which our universe makes whishes come true? Because if it is, you’re right again, I don’t need to have 10 more Yes’es, since I already have 10… Because life would be to boring… and still, why is it that the ball is called “the magic 8”? and not the magic 20, for example?

I mean if we I strive hard enough we I would be able to find love positive meanings absolutely everywhere… if this is what we I need. But is this really what we I need?!

In the end it seems that life always takes us somewhere. The real issue is whether we want to go with the flow, or not.


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