What gives one value

… may never change during a lifetime, independent of how many setbacks one has overcomed and how many achievements one has.

I love to travel. I absolutely love to travel!! And today it’s such a sunny day, perfect for travelling and some photoshoots…

Two wet red roses

But you know, in the end, no matter where you ended up and what you have done, forever and ever it will still be you the person you see each morning and each night into the mirror and it will still be you whom you should morally respond to!

And it’s hard to acknowledge that the years have passed and we have so very few achievements to feel proud of and so very few moments we could call “genuine happiness”. They’re just a few… lost somewhere between all those moments when we continuously ask ourselves whether we deserved them or not.



“What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around!”

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