Cat de tarziu e mai bine decat niciodata?

“Cel mai mare dusman al creativitatii e indoiala de sine” – tocmai am auzit de la el online adica onair 😀

Azi, la un moment dat, mi-a atras atentia Soarele, in timp ce se ascundea printre nori, aproape in acelasi loc in care acum 2 saptamani era Luna, deasupra acelui V ranit :D.

Si, proiectand imaginar Luna in spate, stiind ca se pregateste de eclipsa, am avut un sentiment incredibil de puternic de belonging… ca si cum toate astrele s-au aliniat special :D…

Un sentiment exact ca cel al Micului Print, unde planeta lui pur si simplu nu mai era de ajuns… Si cand am vorbit mai pe seara cu mama, mi-a zis ca tocmai monta un telescop ca sa vada Luna…

Eu n-am vazut niciodata Luna cu un telescop! Si cred ca ar fi si imposibil, de vreme ce eu deja traiesc pe ea 😛

… anyway, you may take absolutely anything you want from me, but you could never take away my fantasies, because you are them! You know, when someone tells you that their biggest and only wish is to see you accomplish that or the other, after you have accomplished their wish there’s nothing left for you than to wait for that person to go… away… on a different star.

Fulfilling wishes isn’t easy at all. That’s why only God has this power, isn’t it?

Isn’t it, you little “Harry Potter wanna be”? 😀 And it’s not hard at all to work with bills in the summer and in German, my love! It’s actually something that I really like doing… but I also like playing with you and with the laws of the physical universe :))

That’s creativity. Love. Creativity! And you know what? At this point either everything is true, either nothing.

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