On a different plane of time


Synchronicity has such a weird way of showing us what we need… or maybe I’m talking about serendipity…

Amazingly, but it seems I’ve changed the “object” of my motivation… the place where I wanna be and I know that I cannot arrive there alone. I’m needed. A lot. And I need time. And I need you.

Open your heart for me, just one more last time, don’t let me stand here in vain. Please 🙂

You know, we stumble into errors just when we cannot see something else. We correct them, as much as we know, and only then, we get to do what we actually had to. It’s not arrogance, it’s not frustration, it’s not criticism, it’s just the way to bring a personal contribution to the whole.

Some people don’t know how to receive (or, are not allowed to) unless they give something back. And they give back just what they can and what they know… upon their resonance with the levels of evolution. Am I at your level now?

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