What were my childhood dreams?

Sort of inspired by Diana I’m now trying to remember what were my childhood dreams… in no particular order 🙂

1. I always dreamedt of bringing my boyfriend (lover) to the camp side and spend some quality time together, alone, in the attic of the new house 😀 (yeah, my sexual fantasies started while being very young) Maybe some day it will happen…

2. Ever since I learnedt how to ride a bike I wanted one. And I eventually got it… now I have the third one and they were all red.

3. I wanted to fly with a parachute.  Didn’t have the opportunity so far but I’m happy with dreaming almost every night that I’m flying. It’s a big accomplishment, since it took me some years to learn how to do it, even in my dreams 😀

4. I wanted to become a princess or marry a rich man so I will never have to do wifely stuff like cleaning, washing laundry or dishes, or carpets, ironing and so on. Didn’t happen and probably never will, since I work to support myself and I learnt on my own how to do these things and now I even enjoy doing them.

5. I wanted to become a teacher or an educator. Lost this track when I chose a mathematics-physics high school instead of pedagogy.

6. I wanted to know everything about time traveling, metaphysics and other weird subjects like these. Still studying them.

7. I wanted to become a painter or a tailor or a musician… Lost all these talents during higher education…

8. I was always saying that I will never carry. I mean, I will never give birth. If the man I’ll choose to marry will want children we will try to arrive to an alternate solution… or I will marry one that already has kids. Basically didn’t change, but I guess I could be a little more flexible when time will come.

9. I always wanted to know by which physical laws a photography camera works. Last month an Aquarian guy finally explained it to me :))

10. Since I basically grew up between the physics – and the chemistry – lab, I also wanted to become a scientist, working in an experimental laboratory. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to be a real alchemist after all. 😛

10bis. I always wanted to drive my own car, since it should give me a sense of freedom and practical independence. I had my driver license at the age of 18, like everyone, but now my younger brother kinda drives me everywhere…

Yap. Me and my weird dreams. What were yours?

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