Some things are just…

… too hard to let them go.

And now I honestly wonder why.

Did you ever wondered, hypothetically speaking, is there a place inside one’s emotional being deeper than the heart? I mean, when you say that someone managed to get to your heart, or when someone has touched your soul, could it be another place that could induce a feeling of a higher intensity? As if the heart will be just a train stop… but the train will still go…

Now, on a different train of thoughts, ever since I saw the internal magazine of the company I’m working for now, I wanted to become part of the editorial team. Now I have only a couple of days to think of a subject to write about as my first piece … in English… and then submit it for approval and quality check 🙂

I mean, the only things that I like to write about and are coming easy for me, are emotional issues. Some are true, some are invented, some are about to come true for me, but most of them are coming true for other people. And I have no other option than to feel happy for them. Through them… a temporary cling until I’ll manage to find my own source of divine light. Or talent, as most name it!

Now, coming back to those emotional issues, I hate those persons that are managing to intimidate me. Hence, to take my own light and life energy. And I still have some of them in my life… yet now, while writing this I had a little epiphany about that. There was this guy that managed to intimidate me so badly that I couldn’t even breath near him… and that stage was somewhere in the middle of our fellowship, because, at first, while getting to know each other, I was having no problems relating to him. And the last time I saw him I felt I was in heaven… until I opened my mouth to say something stupid, like…

I think I’m in love with Sheldon :))

… Some are true, some are invented, some are about to come true for me, but most of them are coming true for other people. …

Yeah, I had the idea to start this post thinking about someone. I actually started it thinking about someone else, then, somewhere into the middle I managed to remember another someone else, and perhaps, hopefully, until I’ll get to the end of the post I’ll manage to get to me too… at the beginning.

Last night I dreamed I was standing in a very big backyard and there was a tree in the middle and this tree had purple flowers with some white petals that they were dancing in the wind… and from these flowers I was able to see some little orange fruits. Maybe I was dreaming about an orange tree :d I don’t know yet what this could mean…

Btw, yesterday, while exiting the subway tunnel to come home from work, on the stairs right in front of me all of a sudden a box started to bounce down through the stairs… and from the box popped out two weird pieces of dry plants that I instantly managed to catch and to put them back into the box and hand it to the lady.

…. The old peasant-like lady that she was selling them, as medicinal plants… she told me that what I got to touch is called “the Earth’s butter”. And she also thanked me and smiled to me and wished me strength, from God. I thanked her for that, since my little feeling of helplessness I was experiencing some moments before that managed to fade away. She left me with a big smile on my face and a nice warm feeling inside.

Today I saw her again, almost in the same place, also by some accident, since I changed my planned route home in the last minute, due to some minor unpleasant personal events… And I saw her with her two boxes, and then, just as a scene from a never-ending story movie, an old man, dressed also peasant-like, waited for her at the exit gates, approached her with a little kiss on her mouth and took one of her boxes to help her, while holding his walking cane in the other hand…

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