The Healing Moon – Ch IV – part I

January 6th, 2012

– I cannot believe it has been a year since Jason left me… again… and next week, my birthday, I’m a bit sad, but what can I do… Tara, are you even listening to me?

– Of course I do, Moon, don’t be silly… he will come back in the country! I’m sure of it. Especially now since he won this beautiful car on the contest I’ve organized with my company…

– He… whaaaat???

– Don’t tell me you didn’t know that… this job of yours dragged you in completely… you don’t seem to be seeing anything else besides your job, now! Yes, Moon, Jason was one of the participants, he subscribed online and he won one of the big prizes: this lovely red car you can see in this picture.

– That’s so cool! I hope he will take me in for a ride…

– At least you can still dream about it… as much as he likes red there’s a chance he will donate the car to you 😀

– Yes, make fun of my suffering, Tara, you’re such a considerate friend… Now about dreams, guess what!

– What! ?…

– Last night a dreamed him. I dreamed that he came to my birthday party and he was staying next to you. And when I passed by, you came and hugged me and you wished me the best and he didn’t even want to leave his chair. I went towards him and he didn’t want to shake his hand with me… that’s so sad… and weird.

– Why is this sad? He told you he doesn’t love you when he left…

– I cannot believe I’ve done something that bad to change my perception about us so much… last time I dreamed about him, I don’t know, 3 or 4 months ago, we met at a show, somewhere on a stadium, and he stand up when he saw me and he offered me a seat next to him, on a higher rank of seats… and now he didn’t even want to shake hands with me. Why did he come after all? Why did he come to my birthday party if he doesn’t even want to talk to me? He doesn’t even smile anymore…

– Hey, hold it, Moon! What’s got into you?? That was just a dream… your party is next week and a lot of things could change until then. I told you, he will come back, but be patient…

he will come back

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