The ? of the day

How could I love you back if you don’t even let me know you? Or is it that you don’t want me to love you at all? …

I know nothing about you, yet I think I spent more time in your inner world, than, with others I consider my friends… sometimes I even wonder if I have any friends. You’re selfish, btw. 😀 Or you’re just being you, the way You feels the most comfortable in his body. I should learn how to do that more often…

Btw, tonight I saw I still have the rest of the piece of paper you took from me… seeing it made me miss you more. And I don’t even know why and what I miss about you. The pure dose of energy that you give me? Perhaps… sometimes being with you (or, in you’re presence) makes me feel so alive. I feel more bright… yet sometimes I feel so hypnotised… yet being a little hypnotised isn’t always a bad thing, if this is done for the good. Besides having a very disruptive influence into the line of my destiny, in the end, I think you really light me up, by pushing me to the breaking point. Sometimes I have the feeling that you short-circuit my destiny, if such an expression really exists…

Remember? the sound of missing you… it was playing that night in your car. I struggle so hard to believe that evil it’s just a higher octave of good… and I could carry on until the morning since you brought me into the music field.. Now, good night…

3 thoughts on “The ? of the day

  1. Stefania

    @shaman, @tu26dor
    Multumesc foarte mult (desi nu era locul potrivit pentru urari chiar pe postul asta :D). Am paginile About me si Hi! pentru comentarii “in afara subiectului”, asa ca referinta pe viitor.

    Va doresc si voua (si tuturor celor care mai sunt atrasi catre blogul meu zilele astea), un Paste Fericit!


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