And who will play the love?

There’s this composite chart: Capricorn Sun, Libra Mars and Sagittarius Venus from a Sagittarius Sun and an Aquarius Sun, 2 Libra Marses, A Scorpio Venus and a Capricorn one. So who will play the Venus? The Pisces Moon could be attracted by the Sun conjunct Neptune, but what about the Taurus Moon?

The Sagittarius Sun could until some point play for the Sagittarius Venus and Saturn from the Aquarius Sun could play the Capricorn Sun, but… what will happen in this case with the Pisces Moon that needs Neptune? We could take appart the Neptune and use the Jupiter to help the Sun to form the Sagittarius Venus. So there we have it: 2 different “relationships”! A relationship formed into the field of arts, for arts, sensitivity and psychic connections and a relationship formed into the sports, fun, adventure and higher knowledge. But we should never forget Saturn, so work should definitely be another field to express these energies.

Now I wonder, if you add two Libra Marses together they will equilibrate the other? Or they will completely tear eachother appart by ceaselessly pulling in 4 different directions? Or, these are the Pisces Marses?! I’m confused… I need more pieces to solve this puzzle.

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