Inspired by a multiple POs

I have a new email in my Yahoo! Mail inbox and I don’t know where it is, because it doesn’t appear on the first row as all new e-mails do… I should browse now through all my 2353 e-mails, from June 17th, 2010, to discover where my 1 new unread e-mail is hiding?!

Changing the topic, as you may have noticed already, I changed my blog’s theme and I chose a piece of a representative landscape I had the opportunity to see while returning from the team-building. It was that piece of rainbow that inspired me to look in the opposite side, searching for the source of light each time it happens to see a rainbow… since the rainbow is just an illusion… until some point even light is just an illusion… but water… I think the water is what should be appreciated the most. We couldn’t live without it. 🙂 The water includes even the oxygen that we need for breathing.

Anyway, I feel the need to make a very big change into my life. I want to break myself from everything and start building (me) all over again. But I can’t do just that… I did that one time, before. I’ve done it even twice… and that got me nowhere.

I think my life would be a lot easier if I could just understand why some things are happening. If I could just understand why I’m suffering… Just like reprocessing an invoice with errors, you know why you have to do it right… it has to be paid, it’s just how the process goes. But life… there are moments when your life seems to be so complex that you just don’t know how to match it with your one self.

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