Love takes time…

Ok, so I’m still in the mood for writing. I solved the issue with my unread email, it was from November 21, 2010.. a spam actually. And I found it by pressing just one button: Unread… 😀 And that made me realize how tired I am and how narrow my mental vision has gotten.

I tried again to process the video from my last show, the one filmed by C., with the required apologies for not keeping my promise, but I couldn’t install the required software. So I give up, again, for the moment…

I need a sense… and a broader vision. A higher meaning of the things that I’m doing lately. I need something that I probably have, somewhere around me, already, except I cannot see it. I need some mental eyeglasses. Some new codecs 😀 In a pack with a new memory and a new processor. 🙂

At least I discovered that part of my reality that uses batteries and I cannot live without: my mp3 player! It took me more than a year to understand how its buttons works 😦 because you need to press them in a particular order, some with your left hand and some with your right one.

Btw, did I mention I gave up buying myself a SmartPhone, for a Piano? I mean, a synthesizer, how it’s called. And I hope God will forgive me for all those innocent lies I made up lately, that I won’t write on my blog about.

Now I wish you all a good night and some soft celestial music 😉

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