And yet, here I am

And I can read the future. At least, a part of it. What I can certainly tell you:

Tomorrow I’m gonna eat the same subway sandwich as breakfast, then I’m gonna take the subway, sharing it with the same people I keep seeing for the past (almost) 6 months, people, whose names I don’t even know. Then, I will do my best to finish my tasks in time and I will share back home, the same subway with the same (apparently) unknown people.

I will come home, I will buy myself some grapes or some nectarines or some tomatoes from the same person I keep buying fruits for the past (almost) 2 years, whom I ask for 1 pound, just to be sure I won’t leave with more than 2…

I will come home, open my emails, see that I have no emails from the guy (I think) I like, open my Facebook, like some pictures from some walls…

Have a long waited shower, dry my hair and go back to some Facebook walls… fall asleep with the image of some amatory theatre actor in mind, dream that I’m preparing myself for a part I will never get to play… wake up even more tired than I was when I went to sleep and crawl my legs into the bathroom…

I brush my teeth and comb my hair browsing blogs or the same Facebook walls to see who became friend with who… and then… back to the beginning.

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