After 11 OTH

If we know everything we have to do in this life, from wherever the after- and before-life dimension is, what is really happening to us when we get born? What shock do we have to face, that great, that we forget almost everything we’ve achieved in those previous lives?

Last night I dreamt I was killing a family of black scorpions… not that horror as it might sound, but it scared me a little… perhaps is due to the fact that I don’t even have time to wash the dishes at home and those years in the “not so disinfected” student campus are haunting my subconscious…

I also dreamed it was snowing… again.

It’s the second time this month, when I dream that it is snowing. And the wooden window of my bedroom was missing a locker and it wouldn’t close properly. weird. Yet, I don’t remember feelling cold or something.

But I kinda miss snow 🙂 in August…. even if, in my dream, it was snowing in September. Who knows, perhaps people in the southern hemisphere find snowing in January, as weird dreams 😀

I’m that tired that I’m continuously trembling… yet instead of going to sleep I write on my blog… anyway, Happy dreams everyone! 🙂

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