Way to the warrior peacemaker

Or at least this is what a person with Scorpio rising and Mars in Libra should be 😉

Anyway, skipping the astro crap :D, if the so-long-waited miracle keeps unfolding itself, tomorrow I should start a new acting class. If not, I’m sure there is something that suits me better, just right the corner. For start, I should repair my laptop*… for 2nd: I’m still dreaming about that Samsung Galaxy S** or a similar version… and for 3rd… I think I should go to sleep because the headache I’m facing now is killing me…

Updates (september 11th): * done! and my bro’ charged me only 25 lei for the CD. ** after spending some time on my bro’s I realized that I don’t even like that model that much… I need one with a keyboard.

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