Am I dead yet? :D

Ok. so I finally went to Rome. And not in 2013 as planned, but in 2011. And I came back from Rome.

And making a small recap of the 3 quarters of the year 2011, as “the year with no expectations” I may say that I’m proud of myself for the followings:

– I have another almost 8 months of happily working experience in Finance & Accounting and 4 diplomas over my desk (and counting) to acknowledge that.

– I had 2 more shows of poetry: “Cine mai trece pe drum I” and “Cine mai trece pe drum II” (when we had Catalin to film us and he has done the best recording from all the shows I had, that were filmed).

– I have been in 2 3 new countries and spent each 3 days in their capitals: Paris/France in June and Rome/Italy and Vatican in September (photos waiting to be processed and posted on Flickr);

– I have written (compilated) 2 articles for the company’s inside magazine, one for the issue of May, “How necessary changes are in one’s life?!”  and one for September, waiting to be published, “Seeing theatre acting as a part of a project”.

– I have started a new acting course and I’m very happy about that, because I have there 4 boys that I like find interesting (from which, 3 I met last year on my birthday 😉 ) and other beautiful new people just waiting to be discovered.

– I saw and took pictures in 2 more parks in Bucharest: Tei and Carol I (where I went bike ridding).

– I bought myself new roller skates.

– I had my first recording at home, of a poetry interpretation, that has until now 42 votes on /fain. And I had in mind another poetry, to be recorded in front of the Colosseum, on the 23rd, but it didn’t come out quite as I expected… it seems that my brother filming intimidates me…

Anyway, that’s about it, thanks for reading me!.. and please note that I’m only trying to be responsible. Cute and funny comes naturally.

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