Why am I not a Producer… yet… in 6 steps

Or a Movie Director for that matter… or anything multimedia producing like… I mean, why on Earth (to use an expression I find cute) I’m not using my Master’s studies?

1. I don’t have the necessary hardware/software. I mean a computer capable to process movies and a licence of a software reliable enough to do it.

2. I don’t have the patience to actually do it and to not become angry by every little thing that goes wrong in the process.. of doing it.

3. I don’t have the drive… as in, the higher purpose for doing it.

4. because I love to procrastinate, to make imaginary monsters real, to fight them over and then, to feel proud about it. It is still funny though… some weeks ago I had a wireless connection that didn’t work. Now I have 2 wireless connections that do not work… simply because I’m too lazy to move my but to the other room to reset that damn router once in a while…

5. because I seem to like more to write on my blog… in my own English.

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