Steffy English

Yes, I’ll skip the movie review, bringing the action to a cute story.

Followed by this little Star, I entered the subway train and the first thing I said was something like: “attention, these doors will never close again” Or something similar, also non-sense-ual, that I don’t quite remember. 😀

And then, I started talking about the fact that I suddenly see better without my glasses… and then I remembered that I was actually seeing very good without my glasses… and when she asked for a clarification I said “yeah, for a while I thought I was seeing through someone else’s eyes”… anyway… and then I started wobbling about babies… and I mentioned the name of the male character from my futuristic stories with Phoebe… and then I turned around and I saw… something… that I thought to be so familiar… I checked his black shoes… I checked his suitcase, his belt, his hands, his fingers… his blue shirt… the black frame of his glasses… his long hair… I went back to his hands and I had a memory flash-back of a picture, resembling those hands… and then I said it, spontaneously, though intentionally, just to see if he reacts: “I suddenly remembered Harry Potter!”. And that was when he raised his face a little upper and with the corner of his left eye he looked around him. And his eyes were green.

And then, as the little Star vanished away, I ran as fast away as I could.. I don’t know why… it’s just the way every sane person should react when she is in front of a ghost. Or, at least, remembered one.

Yes, I would still have kilometers of metaphysical writings about this topic and about this casual encounter with a casual stranger guy, in a casual day, when I let myself guided by a little star, when I see 22:22 on all the monitors as I enter the subway station … in a casual subway with the number of 1110…

So, never underestimate the power of a little star. Even if the little star’s nickname is Jupiter. 😀

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