All fairytales have rules

Btw, do I have to go to Norway to be able to see that movie?!! 😀 Or to find the book…

On the other way, “One flew […]”, should I actually read it? as I don’t know if it will inspire or depress me more… but I guess I’ll have more time to think about it. Anyway, as I see it now, I have lost every spark of motivation to be part of that play. And even more, from the other play, where I have only 3 lines… so, I guess I’m not quite needed there. Even if someone kinda predicted it 4 years ago… and after it, I would’ve had to write a book about the experience. But, maybe, writing an article about my acting experiences in the internal magazine of the company “I’m dating” now, could work too.

Back to the oranges, In the trailer it says that “All fairytales have rules”… but what about when you live more fairytales in the same time and they still don’t promise to fill all the emptiness inside you… there are times when you have to wait for the inspiration and for that emptiness to naturally be filled with something useful.

And wait… and wait… just because you want to go somewhere but you just don’t know where to go and you don’t feel to move at all. Hopping that, who knows, perhaps, one day, when you forgot it all, an apple will fall from a tree, right into your head 😀

There are times when we do have to fight. And mostly, we have to fight those that once told us that we cannot be happy if we don’t do that or the other… that we cannot be happy if we don’t follow a specific path that has been followed before and proved to be working.

And going on with the metaphor, you should never try to conquer someone who does not even own himself/herself…

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