I WANT things to happen! :)

Yet I want to be there when they’re happening… and why not, actually, quite desirable, to cause them to happen!

First you dream about something and then you start to think how it would be possible for it to become real. Yet, 99% of our dreams never become real. I’m excluding the nightmares; it’s only about dreams, about beautiful ones. And I guess 90% of our dreams never become real, because of the physical laws of gravitation, because of the moral values… you name more!

Then, 9% of dreams never become true because we don’t have the time for them (we have to go to work and when we do get to go out, we spend the time to make “useful” connections instead of doing what we feel) or our bodies don’t have that much endurance (after going out 2 times in a not-so-summery-week, just after leaving the shower… we’ll definitely get sick!).

So, we’re left with 1% of our dreams. Ok, I am. Very simple ones, I guess: 

– spending half of a night outside just watching and taking pictures to the stars. And not alone. I never did that.

– going out for a pizza, movies etc., just the 2 of us, with the guy I’m pursuing admiring for almost tree years now… but I guess the apocalypse will come first, so I could delete him from the list. 😀 And I could delete my childhood crush with the going-out-for-a-coffee-sometimes, from this list too.

And that’s about it! So, for now, I have only one simple fulfillable dream!

All the other beautiful things in my life are happening without me even having the chance to ask for them or the time to dream about them. That’s cool too, but I do crave to be part of my life and to get my simple dreams come true, until I will dare to dream about more…

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