My values – reloaded

Ok, so I’ll divide this post into 3 parts: (1) the astrological approach; (2) my inner way; (3) a funny video 🙂

(1). The astrological approach: they say the 2nd house is the house of possessions and values, so the planets that you have in this house (omg!!! while writing this sentence, instead of “house” I wrote “invoice”) and the ruler of the house kinda defines them.

The ruler of my 2nd house is Jupiter and I have Uranus on the cusp… also, a triple conjunction Jupiter-Sun-Neptune is “living” in this house; and I also have here the South Node and Mercury. So, I should value A LOT of things, starting from everything-ME until nothing-ME; from the most innocent and funny idea until the most impressive possession (hint: a helicopter :D)

(2) What I actually value… and it’s very hard to stop at just 3 things but I have bolded the most important ones: free-thinking, creativity, the strength to admit mistakes and to stand for what one believes in, honesty, freedom, justice, knowledge, higher education, self-study, integrity, self-reliance, independence, inner power, communication skills, good manners, high intelligence, optimism…

(3): Have you seen this:

Now a days I find this song so funny, because no one really needs to grow old “with you” if you have a Facebook profile :))

Btw, did I mention that on my 28th birthday I am 100% certain that I will drive a car? Even if I will have to rent one for that day :)) It’s like they are hunting my dreams over and over again with the same story: me walking around town, pressing the unlock button on the keys until I find it. Last night I found a metallic-dark-green one, a little scratched on the front (how do you say “capota” in english?), with a faded number on the back, but it definitely had P and O on the plate, so I guess my work is really driving me crazy

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