Ok, now?

I give you some excerpts from the book I’m reading now (the book that I bought on Friday night, from the Dalles Galeries), that I find very interesting and full of truth.

“[…] For example, if you’re asking someone to be quieter, try to develop a positive relationship with the person before asking or writing them with your request to make less noise. […] – as in, you don’t have the right to ask someone something, anything that will be, if you didn’t give something that they want/need.

“You need to find a balance between creating too much stimulation, which causes anxiety, and too little stimulation, which results in boredom.”

“You need to use discrimination about when to push yourself to deal with stimulation and when to avoid being overwhelmed.”

“[…] In other words, when you sow a thought, you reap an action. When you repeat an action, you develop a habit. When you maintain a habit, you create a character.”

“Take changes step by step. For example, if you want to go to bed an hour earlier to obtain more sleep, try going to bed just five minutes earlier each night so that in a few weeks, you’ll reach your goal.” – on Thursday night I changed my alarm clock to wake me at 7:00 instead of 7:30. So, just waking-up half of hour earlier on Friday, with enough time to remember/analyse my dreams, I had a 22&1/2 hours-day of full awareness. Or I could blame this on the eclipse in my first house opposite my natal moon 😀

“Make a resolution today that you will no longer remain in any environment in which there is no hope for you to be happy.”

“Once you become focused on establishing peace of mind, you won’t have to give others a piece of your mind.”

… and from the page 29 it really becomes truly captivating 🙂

“You may want to simply watch each thought as it arises. Each one is simply like a bus with a sign indicating a particular destination. As soon as you become aware of a thought, simply ask yourself if you want to go where that thought is taking you. […] You always have a choice about whether to remain a passenger on any of the stressful buses that are passing through your mind. You can always choose to disembark at any time from a negative mental journey.” – I have discovered my “ability” to follow the trains of my thoughts around the age of 13… so I’m a HSP with some sort of inner-knowledge 🙂

And I’m starting to find this book quite empowering!

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