Jurnal de apocalipsa

… am temperatura 37.7.. ma doare capul ingrozitor, n-am chef de nimic… tusea (aproape convulsiva) a pus stapanire asupra mea. Mi-am luat laptopul in brate in pat, deoarece nu mai sunt in stare nici sa stau in pozitia ‘sezut’. I’m sick.

Aseara am descoperit un serial “How I met your mother”. M-am uitat la 3 episoade, e funny.

Update: «When Chiron is retrograde, expressing this energy is more difficult.  In my experience I’ve found that those with a retrograde Chiron in their natal chart hold onto their hurts more readily than those who do not.  They are wounded more deeply and forgiving and forgetting represents a major challenge.  These folks will have to make a special effort to understand that many times the hurts others inflict upon us are unintentional, much as Hercules’ wounding of Chiron, in which case they should give special effort to internalizing the thought, “It’s foolish to take offense when none is intended.”  If it was deliberate, they still need to work at getting past it or it will affect their own progression.  It’s more important than ever that those in this situation put concerted effort into the healing part of Chiron’s energy.  In helping others with similar wounds they can help heal their own.» sursa

Honestly? Chiron s-a sacrificat, pentru a-si putea vindeca rana, renuntand astfel la imortalitate? Decat o infinitate in durere mai bine 10 ani, dar fericiti, nu? 😀

Update 2 «Eclipsa de Luna activeaza axa VIII-II o axa a posesiunilor, a nevoilor celorlalti si nevoilor personale, Luna eclipsata in casa VIII poate energiza teste legate de mosteniri, banii celuilalt, imprumuturi bancare. Aceasta eclipsa poate ajuta la rafinarea propriei fiinte prin cautatea unor valori mai profunde lasand in urma fostele valori, conditionarile sociale. Poate fi un timp in care resursele financiare, impozitele, creditele, asigurarile, taxele, afacerile cu un partener sa creeze anumite probleme dar poate fi si o zona de noroc pentru voi. Mercur in conjunctie cu Okyrhoe va poate ajuta sa descoperiti un adevar legat de  banii facuti prin cultivarea talentelor native, de  tot ceea ce faceti pentru a obtine bani si pentru a va valorifica anumite talente.» sursa

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