Jurnal planetar

So, de pe 26 dec, alias Luni, Jupiter va reveni in mers aparent direct. In Taur. In casa a VI-a, unde sta de pe la inceputul lui Iunie, iar mai incet decat Pamantul (adica aparent retrograd), a inceput de pe-aici.

Ceva interesant despre asta: « Jupiter is very much about our belief systems, and when it’s retrograde, we are more likely to follow our own path rather than be led by others. It’s an excellent time to clarify within yourself where you stand on any particular issue, and also to develop personal faith, self-reflection and independent learning. As Jupiter is in Taurus at this time money issues could be on your mind with financial problems from the past arising. You’ll be hardworking and strive for practical results which may not come until Jupiter turns direct again which in this case will be December 25th. Source: The Astrologer (http://s.tt/13GqZ) »

Marte, de pe la sf lui Octombrie se plimba prin casa a X-a, care, de pe 1 ian intra in careu cu tripla conjunctie Soare-Jupiter-Neptun, din casa a II-a. Si cum i se pare ca nu e suficient, de pe 24 ian, o mai ia si retrograd. Deci pana pe 14 februarie, cand se va termina atacul, ar trebui sa ma inarmez cu o infinitate de… buna-vointa.

Trebuie sa studiez mai indeaproape aspectul asta: «Mars Stationary Retrograde in 10th House Jousting for position can be the order of the day during this period, and you may find the competition gets stiff until everybody gets their territory. The trick is to avoid permanent conflicts that could haunt you later. Life can be a tournament, but it shouldn’t be a war. So be ready to take as well as you give and don’t stubbornly grasp at what’s not worth fighting for. You’ll more likely find a position by repositioning than by siege or going down with the ship. Winning is about survival, not conquest — you needn’t be the last or only one left standing at the end of the day. It’s all about if you fell down, did you get up? source »

De pe 27 martie (+sau-) Jupiter va intra in casa a VII-a! Hurray… iar intre 30 Martie si 6 Aprilie, Venus va trece peste conjunctia Luna+Chiron, in casa a VII.

Apoi, pazea, de pe 14 Aprilie, se trezeste iar Marte! Si ia de la capat, direct, tooooot drumul pe care l-a strabatut de pe 18 Noiembrie pana pe 24 ian.

Mars Stationary Direct in 10th House Throwing your energies into various forms of self-promotion may have yielded not  much  forward motion lately, but a turnaround is now becoming available if you corral  your energies  and choose a single plan of operations. Single-minded career efforts will find  reward and you  will be judged by your level of commitment to your own exertions. Believe in  yourself and  follow word with deeds — it’s the proof of the pudding where others are  concerned. Where you  make an impression with manifested self-confidence, there you will find fast  friends and  lasting connections.

Iar de pe 20 Mai 2012…pana pe la 26 Iunie, se intampla ceva interesant, initiat de Jupiter care intra in conjunctie cu Luna+Chiron. « This is an excellent time to travel to or study about foreign lands and cultures. You’ll learn a great deal from those you meet on your journey (or in your classroom) that will help to broaden your view of the world. In the process of exploring the differences between the world’s myriad cultures, you’ll discover how similar we all really are. Then you’ll return home with a more tolerant and accepting attitude toward your neighbors, as well as a renewed desire to share your newfound knowledge and experience with others. Resist any temptation to preach to others or push your ideas too hard, for this would surely lead to disagreements and conflict. source »

Si cam atat. Jurnalul planetar s-a incheiat pe ziua de azi, pentru ca mi-e f foame si trebuie sa-mi iau antibioticul. Si apoi ma apuc de Germana… stii cum e si cu planetele astea, iti dau, dar nu-ti baga in sac.

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