… and a looong hug.

– Moon, why are you… laughing? come here, look at me! Tell me, why are you laughing?
– Ooops… (Moon all red, still laughing)… I found Jason’s Facebook profile :))
– And?!! Shouts Tara impatient…
– And… I wrote him a loooong letter. And it’s been now 5 days and he didn’t answer…
– I told you to leave him alone. You’re not even listening… you’re never listening to me.
But I’m sensing that this is not all… Moon?! What’s that on your desk?
– A flower 😀
– Yeah, I see that it’s a flower, but where did you get it?
– Jason gave it to me 😛
– Wheeennnn?
– On March 1st 😀 A yellow tulip… he wishes me at least to have a prosperous career, as I don’t seem to have as much success in my love life.

and that was The Healing Moon – Ch IV – part II … you know… T B Continued.


I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.

— Peter De Vries

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