The beginning of a new life!

Whom am I kidding? I will always be the same and do the same, except that now, the room for movement is bigger 😀

Ok, so what happens when you finally have the guts to go and confront your dreams? Or your nightmares? Your illusions mostly… in order to be free and peaceful with yourself, you have to confront them. And sometimes you see that there is «a something real» that has been built already and you can only polish it by adding or taking away a part of the illusion.

And after all, why would you want to live a life free of illusions? To be able to dedicate more of your time to work? To get more money? What should you do with all that money? When you have a roof over your head, a nice company to crush down with, enough food to eat and nice clothes to wear… why would you wish for more? Happiness is overrated, serenity and freedom of action at any time are what should count the most. And freedom of action comes from dreams and the power to imagine a future. I sure know what it feels to find yourself trapped into your own mind, just by trying to cut away all the illusion from your life… it’s bare emptyness.

Sometimes we wish for too much and we jump into situations and things wanting to experiment as many things as possible, but we forget that we could never carry them all at once; every wish once made before, will be fulfilled, in the real plane or in the realm of dreams. And soul mates… that’s the biggest problem: that there are more than just one. Or maybe I still haven’t found the true one for me.

Life is all about experiencing, getting to know new people, listening to their hopes, expectations, life’s ups and downs and trying to give a nice and useful advice. That’s fulfilling!

Yet sometimes I’m running from listening to people who talk about their dreams and fantasies ceaselessly, regardless of the auditorium, because I find them overwhelming. It’s so easy to adopt someone else’s dreams, even without acknowledging it and you dedicate a part of your energy to them and still feel unfulfilled.

And why’s wrong if there are times when you have no idea what to do with your life ahead? Times when you feel numb and you see that your life is lived through all the other people around you? Let them live it and make no decision at all, until you’re brought into the real world again and your action/change is trully needed. Sometimes the most rewarding appreciation comes from where we least expect it and from people who already know us, even if we don’t know them at all.

«I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.» — Steven Wright

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