My Wishlist for 2012 (y.v.5 / p.y.8)

  • I want not to suffer: cold, hot or hunger;
  • I want not to have a restricted access to music, especially to my chill out playlist.
  • I want to be respected as an individual; as a human being, with qualities and defects; for my intelligence, compassion and inner-knowledge.
  • I want to know where to go / whom to ask when I need a warm hug and / or a good advice; or a dream interpretation for that matter;
  • I want not to be ignored / mocked.
  • I want to have a free access to study, to acquire knowledge; the freedom to think and the freedom to act; to know (when possible) what could be the consequences of my (impulsive) actions, in order to be able to choose a path;
  • I want to have a smooth evolutionary path, so I won’t find myself again associating things with places / times / people, in order to know where I stand on it.

What do I give: anything that I can / have / know / I’m allowed to, from the above list.

provided all of the above are fulfilled,

Happy New Year (and what’s left of 2011)!


There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.— W. Somerset Maugham

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