What makes me exceptional?

So, today after work, I went to The Mall. I first paid my mobile phone bill and the electricity bill at the Self Bank and then I went straight to Starbucks.

I was due to buy a machiatto caramel, from the last time I arrived there, on the 21st, when I went to buy an adaptor for my musical keyboard. It was strange, because when I passed near the kids area, in front of the ice-skating ring, on the arcade of the entrance in the Castle it was written “Happy Birthday Stefania!” :d I’m not joking, I even took pictures…

So, today, while enjoying my machiatto caramel, I made some plans for the future and afterwards I was attracted to the ice-skating area. It was very crowded, but there was this little girl in the middle, that was pushing to make some pirouettes.

She was wearing a black sport-suit, a dark-blue vest over it and a coloured scarf was covering her neck. And then, I knew it: she was the exceptional that I was looking for…she brought me my inspiration!

Perhaps among the ones that were skating in the crowd, there were truly talented people, exceptional in their fields or crafts, perhaps there were some that were able to perform even better at figure-skating, but, on that particular moment, that little girl was the one that was capturing the entire energy and was drawing all the attention of the visitors of that place. She and her figure-skating coach.

That made me think: what is it that makes me exceptional? Which is that talent that I have and that could be polished, to make me truly proud of myself for the year(s) to come? I want to make my family proud of me and to be really proud to use the Lastname that I was born with. Even more, I want to feel that proud of my name (and lastname), so I won’t want to give it away when/if I will ever get married.

What I know for now, is that I have a special “talent” to develop obsessions… or to become over-concentrated over a specific task, to make it sound a little nicer. If I could just have someone (or receive the inspiration) to teach me how to point all my attention into the correct direction for myself, where I could just be spinning and spinning over one foot and everyone will be happy (for me :d)…

As a conclusion, I truly want to find that field and that place where I will really have the chances to be rated “Roxana-Stefania Arsene – Above Expectations!”.

Disclaimer: the post was written from the phone.

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