Zboara, puiule, zboara!

There are times in life when we need other people to tell us what we need. Other people who think we are stronger than themselves and who find us stronger than we know that we are. Today and tomorrow, stronger than yesterday…

When all the illusions that you’ve built in your life have cut your wings and trapped you in a cage… it comes a day when someone shows you that the cage can be opened! But you’re weak and fragile and naked… like a recent born baby-bird… yet you know that your little heart is beating. And resonating with the most elusive vibe in your surroundings…

Just wonder what I am without “writing” and without “theatre”. Which reminds me, the reason I gave up acting (for the moment): I couldn’t find a <me> anymore, to get out of the role at the end of the show. I guess photography. Although, I don’t even take photographs, because I don’t know the technic to do them without the auto settings, so I only take pictures… And for a weird reason, I don’t even believe that I will ever be able to learn more about it… like it’s a hobby from the past and also the motivation, somewhere lost in the past.

So, for the same strange reason, I feel that my future now is towards “absorbing” as much weird and foreign languages that exist on Earth… so, why not? Arabic? Greek? Hebrew? Russian? …. no, I still feel I don’t resonate with Japanese nor Chinese.

Arabic? Greek? Hebrew? Russian? After releasing all the illusion-junk in my head I do think that I have the space to learn them all. And who knows?! I may even find out that I have more than just 2 wings 😀

And music?! Music will always have a deep and special place in my heart. As if I’m made of music. I’m a fabulous combination of sounds and tones. Angels… no, these are not illusions, are real. Illusions are when you believe and when you create a future that will never exist with another physical human being. All the acquired knowledge about any topic at all, will never be an illusion, will actually be The Wings!

And after all the acquired new knowledge, when the beautiful Phoenix wants to come back into its cage… since she cannot fit in it anymore she could fold it down, put it into a pocket and fly with it! As far away as she can.

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