Celebrity has its price

Which I don’t know, because I’m not famous enough… but… this morning while going to work, in the Taxi 😀 I suddenly had the idea to start a plan in order to reduce some of my costs… of living.

A colleague of mine suggested I should start cooking my own food at home, instead of eating everyday at the cafeteria and ordering, for dinner. I could do that, but that means I will be less “public”.

And perhaps some of my fans that are too chicken to “ask” for something from me will be disappointed, because they won’t have the opportunity to have me around that much. But I guess they will sigh for just one moment and they will move on… to New Times…

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. (Jeff Jarvis)

PS. Just a silly random question: what would a normal Aquarius guy offer his mother on a Mother’s Day?

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