The story of The Bee and The Ant

Just had an awesome idea, for/from twisting some planes into this reality. And thinking about it now, I really don’t know why it didn’t come to me faster. I want to create a paradox, to see where it collapses. Until now I went only in one direction… except one time 😀 I want to find out where is the center of the illusion/confusion that created all this mess and I want to put a Stop line.

Aaaaand… I found it!!!!…

Now, I want to bring that bee back to life, instead of carrying all that burden after me. And now the question: how could A Bee be useful for a little Ant??

I know! Honey!! Ants love honey… but.. they get stuck into it when it’s too dense… and they get drowned into their own food :)) And God, how everything makes sense now… The Bee DOES want to give honey to the Ant…

But… this is where the illusion comes… The ant is a bit twisted… she has that many expectations of herself and of her own power, that she wants not to eat the honey, but she wants TO BE “honey”. And this is where the bee gets confused… why produce honey when that little ant appears to be so delicious?

The Bee is not dead at all. The Bee is just playing dead. And he’s so damn good at it…

So, The Ant, is actually carrying The Bee just to be studied. The Ant wants to know how does The Bee can produce honey, so, one day, when The Ant will be evolved enough, will be able to produce her own honey without the help of the Bee.

And this is where The Bee feels ignored and disappointed, since it makes no sense for it to stay around. What could An Ant give to A Bee after all???!!

The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it. (Leo Rosten)

Update: if the Bee actually, isn’t more than just a Big Trantor, how could The Ant be usefull to it? Hmm.. perhaps just by carrying him over, some meters when he’s wounded after fighting other Trantors and he plays dead…

But, if the Trantor is not a Bee and he is not making honey, then, there’s no point for the Ant to be there either. Perhaps only to wait for him to die completely and eat it all with the entire Musuroi. Sad 😦

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