Next time, will be just “done!”

Proofread carefully to see if you any words out. (Author Unknown)

Some days ago, thanking this short time of well-deserved-vacation, I was thinking about something… something that I was once asked more in a joke and I said “Yes”. I never said Yes before or after… to such a proposal. Over the phone, to be more precise, when I was in London :)))

Anyway, times have changed, characters have also changed, still, love should never be a burden. I understand the concept of sharing responsibilities in a relationship, but a connection that only produces depression it is obviously not good. The idea is to grow in/with love not to get together just so we could… :D… how do you say “plangem de mila” in English??! And one of the responsibilities should be “making things fun”.

And I understand that I AM responsible of making my life fun. That’s why I started playing Castleville :))) I’m at level 11, now. Here’s a print screen of a part of Stefania’s Kingdom:

Now I need to feed the baby peacocks, so they could give me colored feathers, in order to restore the rainbow bands, over all of my Kingdom. 😀

Now, I’m wondering just how much time it will take me for that to accomplish.

Update: 05.04 – gave up playing Castleville – too much fun waster. =))

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