From the world of keeping reminders

Some years ago, at a saturday lunch out, I laughed when a colleague suddenly took his phone out to write a “reminder to buy pistachios”.

At that time, being “between jobs”, irrespective of how sidetracked I could become by the captivating scenery, I didn’t have difficulties in reminding me to do/buy something. Or, even if I was forgeting something, it wasn’t such a big deal after all, since no one else instead of me was depending on that, and I could’ve always gone back to do it.

But somehow, things started to change. I got more disciplined and it’s very hard to forgive myself an error like that… no matter the place or circumstances. And also, it’s very hard to forgive myself when I say something with 100% confidence that it is right, just to see later that it wasn’t… due to some exception “in the process” .

Anyway, slightly changing the topic, in a theatre play is known that everyone needs to say their lines on time and on place, because the whole play depends on it. Depending on how advanced the actors are, a line not said on time (or place) could be covered or suggested by another one, without stepping out of his character, and the public will definitely not notice it.

But in the real-life, you don’t have lines, you don’t have a director (or maybe you do, just that it’s called a manager :D) and you don’t have a character to play. In the real life you make your own character. Sometimes it turns out the way you worked it and you keep playing it thinking that you’re good. But suddenly, something happens: it popes out a paradox, starting from the idea that “nothing can be at the same time two opposites” and you’re kinda forced to choose a camp, otherwise, you’ll find yourself completely lacking… in character.

Now, back to the pistachios… or better, I’ll just try to summarize this post: some responsibilities are to be taken care of at a certain time and place, because the path of “opportunities” is very narrow. If you’ve missed just one single one of them, you’ve lost and you have to go back.

Just that, a funny thing nevertheless, back simply doesn’t exist. Back is just the mere present and everything that you’ve achieved so far. You act upon the responsibilities – you grow higher, you forget (and you’re reminded to do them) – you stay.

Now, just to start a different topic, how would anyone feel if he receives this type of feedback: “you have absolutely 0(zero) chances in achieving that!”. And again, no matter the place or the circumstances. It’s like in this phrase: “Aim to the Moon, and if you can’t reach it, at least you’ll be among the Stars”. And somehow, in life, what’s positive to me (or you) might not be positive for you (or me)… so being among the stars may also mean just being trapped in a black-hole or in a nebula. So, you still have 0(Zero) chances, but to start aiming to the Moon again. Or, go straight for the Sun, if you’re brave enough.

Ya, got sidetracked again. It just popped-out on my laptop brain, the reminder to recapitulate the conjunctions, prepositions and the genders of the most common nouns in the German language. “postpone”. It’s such a beautiful weather outside for bike-ridding… Which reminds me: “reminder – to fix the bike’s brakes“.

And there’s the reason why I can’t grow higher than this blog.

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