Reinforcing: It’s inevitable

…  “Cine n-are viitor, sa-si faca!”

People learn and evolve all the time. It’s inevitable. It’s just how things go…

Ambitious people study and learn a bit faster than normal people, for they always see themselves into the future.

Introspective people learn a bit slower than normal people, for they pay more attention to themselves in the present, than they do it over what was left behind.

Wise people have the courage to go back, two or tree years in time, and when they discover their errors or mistakes they celebrate it!

For that means they now know more than they knew then… And this is inevitable. Just like happiness. You can’t avoid it. It’s contagious! Being happy is wisdom.

You’ve found an error? Celebrate it! You’re now smarter. But you’re still yourself.

Update: Searching the web for “Happiness is wisdom” as the conclusion of this text, I found these Insights about Happiness. And I’m happy. I only have one more to go 😛


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