Things and timing(s)

The scariest moment is always just before you start. (Stephen King)

At first I thought about writting this post with the title: “Some things are simply not meant to be”. Then, I thought I could/should be a little more positive

“The Thing” started when I suddenly realised, yesterday, during a very captivating training, that I’m wasting my time.

Not my time in life, in general, but my time “trying” to understand some of the concepts of that training. There were very interesting and life-change-helping things, don’t get me wrong… At some point, quite too interesting to be reading about them… in a training… at that point… what I mean, is that the training really opened my eyes somewhere during the middle, when I saw that it was based on a broshure-book, printed in… 2001. yes.

So, a sane person must have a shock at finding so much useful and interesting information, written so well and easy to be understood and to be used, in a book printed 11 years ago!! And only God knows when the original book/ideas were published…

11 years ago… I was in my 11th grade, in High School. I think it was around the time I started my first job.

So – back to the story – in a fraction of a second I had the feeling that 11 years of my life have vanished away. As if I was transported/transferred into a different timeline, when ME has taken other decisions in life and when ME understood the training right there, in 2001. And in the next second, there was no point being in the classroom, since I already knew how it will end: with the letter sent in time… for June 8th.

But, the funny thing is that… being what I am… in the third second, I went 11 years into the future – 2023, thinking… And I’m still thinking.

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