A touch on the shoulder and 3 cigarettes

…lifted from the floor… and… the certitude that whatever road I choose, seeing it all from up there, nothing changes. 😀

If we understand “the principle of the error” and we make them consciously, prior to the time when the results could trigger urgent and critical corrections, it seems that the potential of this energy is quite tremendous.

And in this conscious effort of “trying to control the world” by studying the outcomes of our actions/reactions we arrive at the conclusion that those errors that were made unconsciously have even a bigger transformative potential.

Like… stepping out of the comfort zone, just to discover that the comfort becomes… bigger. Yet the tricky part is that… I can’t see other issues where I could fight from now on… so, if something else happens in that direction, it will be a proof that Destiny does exist 😀

And stepping into a different play plane: I really enjoyed that “good night kiss” on the forehead… I wish it will happen again.

So, the thing is… never look back. Just ACT. Positive. As powerful as you can.

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