… is it that every morning I have to wake up and tell myself that this is going to be a wonderful day? why is that a wonderful day doesn’t just happen?

On Friday evening, I did have the feeling that it was a wonderful day and the evening will be even more awesome. And that was only because during the day I had to work at my full potential – thinking, analysing and negotiating my managerial future. The thing is that not every day I can have the same circumstances.

… long story short – today I have an amazing desire to start working again in the tourism field: processing invoices, issuing invoices, checking the AR balances, creating travel packages and making reservations, traveling with the tourists and guiding them around the country (and abroad) whenever I will have the chance. This is what I see to be my best talent, but this will still not satisfy me on a long-term, because, during all this time outside of the tourism field, I discovered that what really motivates me is to discover the best talent for everyone else.

Is there a job where I could use all these?

So, I’ll still be writing about it… instead of preparing for the theatre play in the afternoon. 😀 I wish I could take every little emission of energy from the applauses I will receive at the end and conduct them into bringing this dream in a practical (and real) form! Actually, all the applauses I received so far, during all my life.

PS. Still, what if everyone really loves me? and I’m making them suffer through all these procrastinating tendencies?

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