Another Flew, another life…

I’ve been so effective today that it comes quite hard to believe that I was in a play just last night… it feels as if it was a month ago…

I remember something about feeling a particular perfume, some time during the play… or I’m just still not over that obsession. Sad that none from the persons I invited came to see me… although, I’m 100% sure I would’ve stepped out of character if a particular person were in the audience…

Anyways, 2 cigarettes and a glass of whiskey and I got back on track. :))

Then, I remember I wanted to go to dance in Oscars, like on Friday, because I was feeling highly energised, yet we ended in el Scarabeo :)) Where I was supported by Emma to sing the Power of Love 🙂 I like Emma. In general… and I’d love to sing with her again.

And I also remember being alone, somewhere around 1 AM, on Splai, trying to spot the place where I am located on my GPS map on the phone, just so I’ll know in which direction to start running home until I’ll find a cab. :)))

Last night was SO FUN and quite Magical!!!! I also vaguely remember I kissed a guy.. or it was only on the cheeks? 😀 maybe the rest was only in my dreams…

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