I am what I leave behind

In a world where everyone has his world and everyone marks his territory through his job responsibilities, his personal/family responsibilities, his blog/blogs, what is really the simplest way to define a person is what he/she leaves behind. Everything that was created – writings, pictures, (emotions, scents) etc. Although, what keeps the highest quantity of information are the pictures.

So, how do you evaluate your own value and your own worth? Could the fact that I write in English/Spanish/German value more than writing in Romanian? Even if the mere motivation is to exercise my language skills?

Could the fact that I’m complex, in writing, worth more or less than writing only about a specific topic?

Does owning a blog where you write about your feelings, expectations, progress – in the social, personal or professional life – is really worth the time investment or it could be more effective investing it only in activities that are money productive?

My South Node transits my Moon+Chiron, Sun transit is opposite natal Sun (+Neptune+Jupiter), Mars transit is square natal Sun.

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