But when midnight comes…

Cinderella runs back to her castle of… her comfort zone. Where she knows and where she feels everything. When she falls back… again… and again… with the same all-consuming passion and butterflies in the stomach…

With the same dreams, or even with better ones… hoping that “the prophecy” this time will actually become valid.

I found myself a new “Time-trigger”. From the moment you are compelled into a magic and you feel that everything that happens around you is exactly what you desire… until the moment when you look at the tick-ing clock and everything changes.

Nothing has changed, but everything else has. From now on, you’re really free to do what you want. And you go/come back. Because you’re completely helpless otherwise… as in… I know no other way to grow. For now…

PS. i should stop watching the vampire diaries… :))

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